We're an agile live art team. 

We're based in Portland, OR and Chicago, and we work all over the U.S. and world.

We specialize in graphic recording, visual storytelling, illustration and live art. We are fluent in brand marketing and have a passion for process. We value partnership, strategic thinking and excellent customer service.

Leah Lavelle, Owner + Creative Lead

Since 2014, Leah has run Urban Wild Studio, assembled a team of talented artists and drawn live at events with clients across industries. She loves to see art and design at work in new ways and among fresh audiences.

Before Urban Wild, Leah spent 10 years in retail graphic design, marketing and tech, mostly at Whole Foods Market. She evolved insight by working on freelance projects across the creative spectrum: websites, murals, chalkboard art, content, photography. 

Leah recently relocated from Chicago to Portland, OR and travels frequently.

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Jill Archer

Jill began her career as a commercial artist for advertising agencies in Seattle, evolved into user experience and web development, and now focuses on graphic recording and design consulting. She has always been a graphic storyteller in one form or another—with extensive experience drawing for non-profits, universities, corporations, and small business.

Jill listens well and draws large. She revels in turning words into shapes so that they reflect new meaning and ways of thinking. She understands that ideas are seen in a new light when they’re drawn, revealing new angles to any issue. Jill regularly helps clients capture strengths, emergent thinking and high-reaching plans. 


Carrie Waggoner

Carrie is an artistic creative with a background in graphic design and lettering. She is passionate about poetry, lettering and floral design. She has been making art and jewelry since she was in high school, and working in graphic arts since 2011. 

She loves graphic recording because it gives her a chance to get lost in the mindful zen of drawing.

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Rob Stevenson

Rob has been obsessed with making art since 5th grade, when his friends had drawing contests. He has worked as a tattoo artist, muralist, comic book artist and painter. He has been a store graphic artist at Whole Foods Market for 8 years, and regularly shows his personal work in galleries, shows and public spaces (street art). 

He likes that graphic recording involves the challenge of on-the-spot creativity to bring together the wondrous marriage of words and pictures, which translate ideas to action; learning and being motivated by the new people he meets at each new job, and working with a great team. 

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Geoff Gaspord

Geoff was often drawing in his spare time growing up, and was heavily inspired by comics and fantasy art as well as music, film and the outdoors. He got his BFA in graphic design in Colorado, and has been working as a store graphic artist at Whole Foods Market for the last decade.

His favorite thing about graphic recording is that it relies heavily on the use of typography as well as illustration to create a large dynamic document almost like a mural format comic book. It is very challenging but thus also incredibly rewarding to do.