Edit Fruit Juice: Branded Materials and Website

Edit is an innovative brand that has found a way to remove 90% or more of the sugar from real 100% fruit juice. I've been excited to tackle lots of different brand strategy and design projects with them so far.

I came onboard after Edit's logo and packaging were already in place, so I worked with the team to articulate their overall brand identity (look, feel and voice) so we could carry them through to their website, social media channels and marketing efforts.

Edit is equal parts novel and natural, so we wanted the brand's overall identity to reflect that. As we established Edit's brand guide, we decided to draw in more organic, dynamic and vibrant fruit elements to liven up their existing modern look.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.02.44 PM.png

Once we felt confident about the identity, I re-skinned the Website to add more color, playful photography, hand-lettering and sketched infographics.

These illustrations commissioned from  Brooke Kravitz .

These illustrations commissioned from Brooke Kravitz.

We also carried over this look to a social media content library that the team can use on Instagram and Facebook (Photos below commissioned from Mandy Lancia.)

And then we made some tangibles, including tri-blend tee shirts, and playful stickers and cooler vinyls for a supermarket promo.

Lots more fun work to come for the Edit juice brand.

Meanwhile, check out the Edit Fruit Juice website and look for the juice on shelves near you as Edit is moving into supermarkets all over the Midwest.

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