WITH/ANOTHER Journal Feature

WITH/ANOTHER is a lady-powered journal that aims to bring together female creatives in Chicago. Mandy and Abby, the duo behind W/A, invited me to meet and talk about Urban Wild Studio a couple of weeks ago. 


Even on hard benches in a tiny sunlit corner of a crowded coffee shop, our talk felt comfortable, fluid. The gals each have striking dark hair, naturally lovely features, easy style and are quick to laugh. They were ready with thoughtful questions, opinions and anecdotes. And they are as sweet, and amicable as they are clever and cool. During our meet-up the two let me ply them with questions almost as much as they asked me. 

We talked Urban Wild Studio and how I grew it, work habits, proud moments, challenges, process and how to choose one single odd thing about yourself. Read it here >>

Thanks as always for reading!