Winter Graphic Recording Tour: Limited Special Rates in Portland, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles

*Offering limited special rates*

Have you tried graphic recording or sketchnoting at your meeting, summit, talk or event?

As Urban Wild Studio plans fall travel, we are offering special rates for Graphic Recording and Sketchnote services on certain dates.

  • Austin, December 6–8 2017
  • Portland, December 11–15 2017, all of January 2018
  • Chicago, December 20–22, 2017
  • Los Angeles, January 25–26, 2018

We would love to work with past clients again, and to partner with new folks. 

Rates are for these dates, in these cities only. Dates are subject to change as our schedule updates. Dates are first-come, first-served. We might add more, so please check back.

Fill out our contact form to get things started.