Launched: Brand Identity, Branded Materials and Website Design for MMCG, Inc.

I am so excited to share this branding project!

Brand: MMCG, Inc (

Owner of MMCG, Mary McGuinness is a dynamic personal and professional coach, who works on both an individual and organizational level. Mary has helped individuals change careers, and move forward toward personal goals. She and her team also offer strategic planning and retreats, training curriculum design, and executive coaching for large-scale organizations.

Design Solution

Mary came to Urban Wild to refresh the look and feel of MMCG, Inc., and to draw more attention to her growing list of coaching solutions for individuals.

We started with my time-tested brand exercise. Because Mary's work is complex by nature, our exercise had the benefit of helping to narrow down her messaging and surface what she really wanted to tell potential clients. Of course, it also helped to shape our visual identity. 

Visual Identity

In our identity discussions, we noticed a clear theme of 'pathfinding.' By happy coincidence, around the same time, I had been intrigued by topographic patterns. We agreed that the shapes would form a beautiful and intriguing foundation for our identity design. 

Mary uses drawing as a tool to work with clients, so we included hand-drawn elements here and there, and a scribble font for call-outs on the print materials.

Primary fonts are classic, professional and friendly. Colors are meant to be cool and calm – with an element of surprise in the rusty orange and warm yello.

Print Materials

Overall, we kept materials looking clean but organic, keeping focus on the content. 

I am huge proponent of creating lasting tools and empowering clients to continue work without me when they can. 

Mary creates new reports, flyers and PowerPoint presentations over and over, and she isn't herself fluent in Adobe Suite, so I designed a series of PowerPoint templates for her to use. Each template has a variety of layouts to choose from, depending on the purpose. 

We did the same thing for certain Website elements as well. 


Like the print materials, we wanted the MMCG, Inc. website to be clean, approachable and provide an enjoyable user experience.

We revisited the purpose that came from our brand exercise, and conducted a full site content review and user survey, to remove anything that wouldn't serve the purpose.

From there, we made a number of key updates, among them:

  • We split the services into two categories, Individuals and Organizations, to unbury the Individual services and clarify the differences between them.
  • We built a scrolling homepage, to tell tell users the MMCG story and improve the homepage experience especially for mobile users. 
  • Mary loves to talk with prospective clients, plus it the primary goal of her website. So we embedded an appointment form, so that users could decide to get in touch with her immediately. 
  • We also introduced CTAs (calls to action) on every relevant page, drawing users to the Contact page. 

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