Urban Wild Studio is Going to Cannes Lions!

I'm sure that you know this about me: I love an adventure.

I have a never-ending well of inspiration for creative work, and one reason is I am often exposed to different places, people and ways of thinking while exploring and traveling. Because it is so life giving and informs my work, I make travel a priority.

In fact, Urban Wild Studio was named as an homage to the organic shapes in nature and the lines and structure of city life found around the world-- and the beauty that comes from combining the best of both. More on all of that in a future post.

Well, this weekend I'm looking forward to an experience that combines a favorite formula: adventure, creativity and health!

I applied and won a trip to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in the French Riviera!

For the trip, I have the pleasure of accompanying Klick, a forward thinking marketing agency based in Toronto. Klick is hosting a cabana at the event, and bringing a renowned architect, a dj and a street artist to the fest.

We'll be attending the first two days of the event, the portion focused on health. I'm eager to meet and jam with the Klick team and other creative folks, learn a lot and maybe carve out some time for cafe creme by the sea. And sleep? It feels unreal.

I just learned about all of this a week ago [while coincidentally traveling with my dad in Croatia!] but tickets, hotel and my fest pass are booked, and I fly out Thursday. It's just now sinking in.

Can't wait to share when I get back. For now, stay tuned on my Instagram Stories!

Thanks as always for reading!