Our Roving Office: Brooklyn in July

Our most recent trip to New York felt familiar and well-paced – the kind of trip that lets you imagine what day-to-day Brooklyn living would look like.

After five or six previous trips to the area, we know the overall lay of the land, thrived in the bustle, didn't sweat the 90 degree July heat and, of course, got some remote work done. Keith and I agreed that it was our best visit yet – and we've had some good ones. We ♥ NY.

Photo by  Keith

Photo by Keith

Dumbo Brooklyn 1
Lower Manhattan

Basecamp NU Hotel: Choice Location for Remote Work and Play

For five days during high summer in New York, our basecamp was the handsome NU Hotel in the Boerum Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. We knew we liked the look of the hotel, modern with some natural tones and warmth. Bright color accents, tasty breakfast with La Colombe coffee(!) and signature/local cocktails. And of course – good fast wifi for digital nomads.

And you get a real Brooklyn experience. The hotel sits on a typical Brooklyn street – part edge, part hip, part darling.

NU Hotel Boerum Hill 1
NU Hotel Boerum Hill 2
Photo by  Keith

Photo by Keith

We were most excited about the hotel’s proximity to all the people and places we wanted to visit while in town. We buzzed from Boerum Hill to visit friends, family and sites in Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Dumbo, Lower Manhattan, SoHo, Central Park and the Upper West and East sides. The few subway lines within walking distance get you to Manhattan in 20 minutes. And the hotel offers bikes! 

Exploring Boerum Hill

Boerum Hill itself is a sweet neighborhood, one we had been able to visit before when we stayed with Keith’s cousin Drew and his wife, Emily. Two bustling streets, Court and Smith, offer plenty of street art, shops, bakeries and coffee between the stretch of Atlantic Ave and Union Ave. Beyond those, there are clusters of small businesses in the interior streets, a few of our favorite gems among them.

Coffee in Boerum Hill: Regular Visitors

Try Regular Visitors for a strong cold brew or a shaken iced matcha in a handsome bright, white-washed setting, and let your eyes flirt with the small wares on the shelves. Bring home some small batch body care or vintage playing cards. Definitely use the restroom, one of the most lovely public restrooms I’ve seen – and stocked with the lovely soaps and serums they sell.

Regular Visitors Boerum Hill 1
Regular Visitors Boerum Hill 2
Regular Visitors Boerum Hill 3
Regular Visitors Boerum Hill 4
Regular Visitors Boerum Hill 5
Regular Visitors Boerum Hill 6

Coffee in Boerum Hill: Dot & Line

For a more intimate coffee experience, hit Dot & Line. It’s all wood, small vintage décor pieces and oldies. There are just three seats by the window. As we sipped our coffees there, at least 4 people came in to order their “regular”. And they offer decaf cold brew!

Photo by  Keith

Photo by Keith

Photo by  Keith

Photo by Keith

Dot & Line Boerum Hill 2

Food in Boerum Hill: Rucola

For a memorable, savory and romantic Brooklyn meal, we urge you to try Rucola at Dean St and Bond St. It’s a small but warm and candle-lit space with one or two tables free at any given time. We shared the pork terrine and summer peach special, the polenta and ravioli. Say yes to bread, a freshly baked focaccia.

Rucola Boerum Hill 1

Brooklyn favorites (including some amazing recommendations from friends):

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