Mid-Century Inspiration at Portland's Jupiter Hotel

We were thrilled to partner with the Jupiter Hotel during our most recent trip to Portland, OR. It is central to all the great spots you'd want to see, just a few blocks from the river on the city's East side. But a greater point of interest for us: the hotel's mid-century design. 

The Jupiter is a true mid-century building, a renovated motor inn turned boutique hotel. All of the rooms have street views, and open inward toward the center patio of the partner restaurant, the Doug Fir. True to era, the building is just a couple of stories high, plays with geometry, organic greenery and light. 


We dug the huge plants and rows of bamboo.

Each morning, we walked outside to the cooler air and romantic peach summer light throwing plant shadows against the rows of doors. We sipped local Water Avenue coffee under the hotel's shady DreamTENT, and found a lot of Portland spots to be walkable. 

Every afternoon in the summer heat, we'd return to find the Jupiter's row of cruiser bikes returned to their posts, people cooling off in the mod hotel rooms. 

And every evening after dinner we'd come back to live music, string lights and groups sipping cocktails at bonfires in the 50's styled Doug Fir patio. 

All in all, our stay at the Jupiter was provided creative inspiration in more ways than one. ;)

PS. Try the breakfast at the Doug Fir, the biscuits are delish.