Graphic Design

Logo + Brand Packages

Give your brand a cohesive, smart and memorable look.

Brand Identity Menu

  • Logo design

  • Full brand identity design (look, feel, voice, etc.)
  • Branded print materials and collateral (ie. business cards, post cards, tee shirts)
  • Branded digital materials (ie. blog graphics, Mailchimp eNewsletter templates, social media content)
  • Brand consultation

About Our Logos

  • Made for You: before we get started with design, we'll work through an exercise to learn more about your brand, your customers and your needs. We'll make sure we're on the same page with you visually, from start to finish.

  • Usefulness: Need printed stationery? Just digital graphics? Extra illustrations? We'll think through all the applications where you will use the logo mark, and come up with a brand identity package that fits.
  • Brand Guide included: We include a guide to your visual brand elements in all our packages. You'll be able to simply share it with any future content designer, to build your brand solidly and consistently over time. 

Recent Logos

Squarespace Website Packages

Be a catchy, cool and effective presence online.

Website Menu

  • Showcase website design for individual portfolios, service-based businesses
  • e-Commerce website design for goods-based businesses who plan to sell online
  • Website redesigns, refreshes

About Our Websites

  • Functionality and Purpose: we'll establish the business purpose of your website, and make sure the site serves that purpose first and foremost.
  • Visual Appeal: we'll involve a mix of creativity, uniqueness and visual treats, to put highlight your content in all the right ways.
  • Cost Effectiveness: we use Squarespace because it offers templates and built-in functionalities to choose from. This reduces the need for custom coding and reduces labor time significantly, while still allowing us to customize your site with designed elements (and strategic custom code snippets).
  • User-Friendly Back-End: Squarespace's back-end is intuitive, and we can advise when to customize features and when not to, so that you will be able to update easily once we step away.
  • User Training: we like to empower client partners to care for their own sites for agility down the road, so I always include a training session.
  • Limited Labor and Maintenance: we have a follow-up support call one month after site-launch. After that, we can certainly discuss ongoing support, but most of our clients are self-sufficient by this time.

If this sounds like what you need, I'd love to hear from you. Please reach out to start a conversation!