Personal Wedding Website and Invitation Design

An electronic Save-the-Date, invitation and informational website

When planning our wedding, we kept returning to the words natural, simple and elegant. We're getting married a beautiful Midwest lodge and forest, rustic and surrounded by trees and greenery. We also wanted to share our sense of playfulness to help set the mood for the event.

For the save-the-date and invitation, my mom Jill Archer created a toolkit of multicolored floral illustrations, and then I assembled them into various sized bouquets. I found some beautiful classic fonts and a gilded paper background to use. We wanted to use electronic materials for the wedding as much as possible, since they are green and RSVPs are easier to track.

For the website, we modified a Tumblr theme. We used the warm yellows and golds, and shades of green, and added some playful woodsy illustrations as buttons for each page. Keith structured the site, and we both wrote the content. Voila!