Steller Photo Story of our Bay Area Engagement

A photo story of the day of our engagement outside San Francisco, complete with hiking, photos, fog, giant Redwoods and ice cream sundaes

I didn't always want to get married. By the time I turned 20, I was convinced that true love didn't need a piece of paper. In my mind, the idea was romantic.

But that was years ago, before I started dating Keith. In the course of getting to know him, I learned that he loved the idea of a wedding as a public declaration, a tying of one life to another in a beautiful and meaningful way–not just for the couple, but for their community. He loves to shout love from the rooftops. And I love that about him.

When we got engaged in May of 2015, Keith and I happened to be on one of our everyday photography adventures, so we were lucky to have plenty of stills from the day. I created a photo story with photos that we both took using the Steller iPhone app, and was thrilled to see that people connected with it. Over 100 likes in just a couple hours – and then it made the Top Stories page. You can view the entire story here.

I later learned that my boss at the time, shared it with her husband who shared it with some of his colleagues. A good story is meant to be shared!