Travel Storytelling and Partnerships

As a location-independent designer, using technology to do my work from anywhere in the world, I love to tell stories about traveling. I publish multimedia blog posts, visitor guides and Instagram content.


My message:

It's possible to travel
more often when you
travel smartly, and
especially when you can
get work done remotely.


Work. Play. Explore.

(Everything in moderation.)

My posts center on beautiful places, local brands and shops, public art, activity and nature. I am a practical traveler so I also post about great spaces to stay and work (ie. accommodations and local coffee shops).

From time to time, I like to partner with travel brands. Please reach out if you think we would be a good fit. 


Here Are Ways I Tell Travel Brand Stories


I use Instagram to Interact.

Instagram is a favorite outlet, because photos can be momentous and powerful, while relatable. I share about travels, friends and personal growth. And a lot of times people share back. It's a fascinating way to make connections.  



I love a good print magazine.

With a B.S. in journalism, I have a soft spot for publications. When Samantha of Revamp Amor asked me to write travel articles for her quarterly publication, I jumped at the chance. Photos and stories for the first three issues are on Chicago, Portland and Crete Island in Greece.

I use other storytelling platforms, too.

Townske is a favorite because you can attach photos to physical locations, and you end up with a digital map of places to share. 


I've also had the pleasure of working with other publications that I love!

Urban Wild Studio has been featured in Interviews by West Heritage and With/Another

Recent Collaborations


If our brands align, I'd love to talk about working together.