5 Ways to Use Graphic Recording to Enhance Live Events

Wondering how you might incorporate graphic recording at your upcoming company events? 

Here are just 5 of the ways we've partnered with companies of all sizes. 

1. Conference calls: grab and hold attention with live drawing.


During remote meetings, it can be difficult to hold participants' attention. PowerPoint slide decks are helpful, but the moving visuals of graphic recording can be even more interesting and engaging.

Graphic recording artists can listen in to your meeting and either draw your content digitally while sharing our screen, or draw traditionally with markers on paper and share a live camera recording.

In both cases, we can send digital versions of the finished product right after the meeting, that you can send to attendees.

2. Leadership summits: inspire your managers to a powerful vision that they can see and share.


Showcase your summit slogan, company vision statement, logo or other empowering message with an energetic live drawing done on-site.

A graphic recording artist can work with you to plan a catchy style or theme (ie graffiti, doodle, pop art), and then create a visual worthy of a photo backdrop. 

Give attendees something to rally around, share on social media and evangelize.

3. Planning meetings: align understanding of your project mission with clear visuals. 


A graphic recording artist is an impartial capturer of your content. We listen well and can help give shape to your group's discussion, in a way that can help clarify, make people feel heard and surface common themes.

Use graphic recording along with your team leader or meeting facilitator to help vet your group's ideas, establish a shared vision and capture next steps, so that your team can move forward with purpose.

Graphic Recording of Design Thinking Process at DisruptHR Chi HACKS event

Graphic Recording of Design Thinking Process at DisruptHR Chi HACKS event

4. Fundraisers: tell your brand's story visually to create excitement and invite participation. 


As you tell your company's founding story, describe your purpose and invite others to join your cause, you can illustrate it all with graphic recording.

While we draw your story, attendees can feel a part of your narrative, become moved by your mission, and become that much more compelled to participate and support.

5. Tradeshows and expos: offer interactive notes to engage attendees


Expos are all about engaging, informing and delighting your attendees. Use graphic recording as a dynamic, interactive way to capture key expo content. We can draw your important key messaging or crowdsource attendee input that you can use as fresh marketing content.

The fun part - we can build a drawing surface "structure" that fits your expo floor space: think walls, towers, floors. Lots of opportunities for creativity.

Like what you see? Contact us to start a conversation about your next event.

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