Graphic Recording

Our live drawing engages your audience, captures your content and illuminates your ideas.

Graphic Recording Portland

Graphic Recording is the process of creating real-time graphic summaries

It’s also known as scribing, visual notes, graphic capture or graphic facilitation.

Our expert team is hired to draw speaker lectures, workshops, summits, meetings, conferences, panels, focus groups and other similar engagements. We listen and synthesize speaker content to create visual maps meant to amplify the messaging.

Graphic Recording Chicago
Graphic Recording Seattle

Use visual notes to simplify, delight, engage, and share information at scale

Dynamic live visuals can help your audience engage with a speaker's key content points and give concrete shapes to ideas to help them stick. Plus, they invite creative thinking, connection-building and conversation.

Our team can work either with markers on large drawing panels, or digitally.

Either way, after the event, we provide digital versions of every drawing that you can keep as a record, email to attendees as reference and share to a broader audience.

Included in our graphic recording packages

  • Streamlined pre-event planning

  • All supplies

  • Live visual note-taking on the days of your event

  • High resolution digital file versions of every panel that we draw

  • Convenient client web portal, flexible payment options

  • Multiple-day sessions available, multiple artists available


We offer an easy standard package and custom options. With a bit of information from you, we can turn around a quote within a day. Please use our form below to get started.

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