Graphic Recording, Scribing
and Sketchnotes

Enhance a Speaking Engagement, Presentation or Workshop with Live-drawing


Give attendees another dynamic way to engage with a session as it is happening, encourage lasting impressions, and help trigger memory and retention. 

Graphic Recording (or Scribing) is live, visual note-taking that is designed to pair with live events as they happen. We are usually hired to be present during speaker lectures, workshops, meetings, conferences and other similar engagements, to create a "visual map" of what the speakers discuss during the session. 

We have also drawn at expos, going-away parties, fundraisers and other creative events. We love a new place to draw! 

Sketchnotes involve visual note-taking on a smaller scale, often done right from an audience seat or remotely!


Dynamic live visuals can help attendees engage with a speaker's content, and give concrete shapes to ideas to help them stick. Plus, we provide the original hard copies of the finished drawings as well as digital versions that attendees can keep as reference. 

What's IncludeD in our Packages

  • Streamlined pre-event planning

  • Live visual note-taking on the day(s) of your event

  • Original hard copy drawings handed over at end of event

  • Digital graphic versions included, provided within 24 hours

  • Client web portal with e-sign contract and e-invoicing, flexible payment options


Half-day, full-day or multiple-day sessions available.

Multiple artists available. 

We are based in Portland and Chicago, happy to travel across the U.S.!

We offer standard packages or custom options.

Please contact us for a quote!

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