How Healthcare Executives Used Graphic Recording to Discuss ACA Triple Aim

Graphic Recording a Lively Healthcare Discussion

We loved working with the folks of Becker's Healthcare and Boehringer Ingelheim at their recent Chicago conference!

At the conference, we had the pleasure of graphic recording an important discussion about hospital system finances, quality, customer engagement and optimization – areas of the Affordable Care Act Triple Aim and generally hot topics.

Participants were a group of 40 executive healthcare professionals–all experts, and all highly engaged in the discussion. The event involved a 45-minute breakout session followed by a 45-minute full group discussion, and you can bet that we didn't stop drawing for a moment!

An Immediate Benefit: Using Our Drawings to Present Discussion

Becker's and BI had the fabulous idea that representatives from each breakout group could use our drawings to share conclusions from their sessions with the full group at the final session.

Breakout sessions were held in three different conference rooms, and the round-up discussion was set in a larger fourth room. We needed to transport our drawings to that fourth room in the 5 minutes between sessions. Logistics were tight, but organized planning kept things running smoothly!

Once the drawings were re-posted on walls around the room, it was great to see attendees using them to support their breakout summaries. 

Final Touches: Incorporating Current Events for Relevancy

Graphic recording is meant to be unplanned, a true account of what happens during an event – but we do sometimes plan elements to tie together related work. 

For this event, although we would be drawing in separate rooms, we wanted to give all of our drawings a common theme that would become clear when the drawings were lined up together. 

One of our team had the idea inspired by The New Yorker Female Surgeon Cover – to draw surgeons peering down. We loved that the cover was recently published, and had gotten a lot of positive attention, but also that the image of surgeons peering down would be globally recognizable. Mostly, we liked the idea that our surgeons would be looking intently, as if paying close attention to the discussion at our event. Ultimately, we were excited about how it turned out! 

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