Capturing Customer Success Stories: a Graphic Recording "Street Art" Tower for CA World Expo

While graphic recording is often done at traditional speaking events, we don't stop there. 

In November, we partnered with CA Technologies at the CA World '17 Expo to engage their customers, crowdsource their stories around particular products, and draw them all into a big picture of how their customers are using them. 

Graphic Recording Tower Expo CA Technologies Urban Wild Studio
Graphic Recording Tower Flat Layout Expo CA Technologies Urban Wild Studio

We engaged customers to share their own stories of success using CA’s Digital Experience Insights tools. We then drew their stories into engaging graphics on a huge graphic recording tower that attendees could watch come to life at the event. The final tower is now on display at CA's office in New York, and the digital graphics became material the marketing team can leverage in future.


To make it happen, our Urban Wild Team partnered with CA's Agile Ops experts in Network, App and Infrastructure insights to learn the bones of their products, and then create questions that all of us could ask passing customers during the 2-day expo. 

We planned a large tower layout, 8ft x 8ft with three sides, to encourage customers to come up close, peruse the stories, and walk around to each side. 

We pre-drew parts of our wall to match CA Agile Ops' event branding. The wall became known as the "Street Art Wall" during the event. 

Graphic Recording Tower Pre- Expo CA Technologies Urban Wild Studio

We found that lots of customers were happy to participate by sharing their story, and posting to social media – plus we encouraged customers to join in by offering freebies, plus entry into giveaways. 

Graphic Recording Social Media Twitter Engagement Urban Wild Studio 1
Graphic Recording Social Media Twitter Engagement Urban Wild Studio 2
Graphic Recording Social Media Twitter Engagement Urban Wild Studio 3
Graphic Recording Social Media Twitter Engagement Urban Wild Studio 4

At the very end of the 2-day event, the finished wall became a meeting point for a group of customers to gather and hear the giveaway announcements. 


  • The crowdsourcing format allowed our Urban Wild artists and the CA team to have thoughtful interactions with customers as they shared product stories.
  • Customers were excited to share diverse stories and ideas, which provided some new information for the CA team.
  • Several customers visited the wall multiple times to view the progress of the drawings. This allowed for building affinity, and repeated engagement.
  • Plus, customers snapped selfies in front of their stories to share on Twitter and send back to their teams at their home office. 

Here are the digital versions!

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