Drawing the Fairtrade Program at Seattle's Specialty Coffee Expo

We love coffee, and we love the Fairtrade program! So we couldn't have been happier to join Fairtrade International and its certifying body, Flo-cert, at the Specialty Coffee Expo this year. 

The group invited us along to create a live-drawn infographic that explains the main components of the Fairtrade program.  

The physical product was a 3-sided graphic recording tower meant to fit in their expo booth space and draw people in. 

Flocert Fairtrade Specialty Coffee Expo Seattle Graphic Recording Visual Notes

We also live-captured two stories by producing members of Fairtrade International's Producer Networks: 

“Growing Women in Coffee” Fairtrade project

In cooperation with Fairtrade Africa, the producer network representing coffee growers in Africa, a group of women farmers launched the first women-produced and packaged coffee, Zawadi Coffee. 

Fairtrade Africa_Women In Coffee Project_Graphic Recording_Urban Wild Studio.png

Although women contribute much to labor and production on Kenyan coffee farms, 94% of farm land there was owned by men. For this project, a group of husbands decided to gift their wives a portion of land to cultivate. 

The project was three years in the making, and in January of 2018 they launched their first packaged coffee. Beyond farmland ownership, the project empowers women by letting them earn money. 

Read on the project website

Colombian Coffee Growers Fairtrade Experience

After becoming Fairtrade certified, the Colombian coffee grower ASAP CAFA was able to use their Fairtrade premium funds to make a number of systematic improvements to their equipment, infrastructure and community.

To name a few, the group purchased better farming equipment and school supplies for local children, added a second floor to their warehouse to be able to meet and store additional coffee, fund trainings for members and set up insurance for every member. 

Read more below and check out CLAC (the Latin American Fairtrade Producer Network)

CLAC_Asop Cafa Coffee Story_Graphic Recording_Urban Wild Studio.png

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