5 Ways to Use Graphic Recording for Amazing Event Takeaways

We love to draw live during events, but we also love to hear how clients and their crowds use our completed visual notes after the events are over!

Here are five of our favorite ways to make the most of your graphic recordings:

1. Vision Boards

Let us draw a team strategy meeting, then use our drawings to remind your team of your shared goals. Post our boards in a meeting room or a break room as an active or passive way to keep the team on track and the vision strong.

2. Branded Marketing Collateral

Post our artist at your expo to draw your company story, live for attendees. Then repurpose snippets of the art on your Website, emails or on social media. We can use on-brand colors and graphical cues to stay on-brand.

3. Pitch Meeting Takeaways

We’ll capture your client discussion, then hand over our completed drawing panels to send off with your client at meeting’s end. They’ll be sure to remember your ideas, and will have a clear picture of what you can accomplish together.

4. Content Snapshots

Give your audience a colorful, visual capture to take home what they learned, and a reminder to come back for more at the next show.

"One of my favorite things [about this event] is the graphic artist who is capturing things in this unique way, so that I can even take a picture to add to my notes."

–Attendee at Human Capital Institute’s HR Call to Action Conference

Attendees snap photos of (and with) our drawing at World Umami Forum 2018 in New York

Attendees snap photos of (and with) our drawing at World Umami Forum 2018 in New York

5. Speaker Gifts

Recently, one of our conference clients set up an account with the on-site FedEx shipping center, so that the speaker could simply leave their drawing with their address. It was a hit, and we were honored that our drawings were shipped around the country!

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