Visual Notes: a Slam Dunk for Attendee Engagement at the Jr NBA Youth Basketball Leadership Conference

Our team was thrilled to hear and draw perspectives from stars like Isaiah Thomas, Allan Houston, Stefanie Dolson and Meghan McPeak at the Jr NBA Youth Basketball Leadership Conference a few weeks ago!

We did this project through Live Art International, who bring live art activations to events around the country.

The Jr NBA wanted to capture key takeaways from their general sessions – and capture audience attention – with a live visual notes panel. The general sessions were a combination of speakers and panels representing sports leadership, and supporting integrity, activism, mental health and women in youth sports.

JNBA Youth basketball Leadership Conference Graphic Recording.png

Our playbook for the event

For this event, we located our panel in the conference atrium. Since we had the space, we decided on one large 8ft x 4ft drawing panel for four hour-long sessions. Our artist team pre-populated the title and speaker portraits, so that once the event started they could focus on the session content.

On request, the artists drafted session notes real-time in their audience seats, and then relocated to draw the final notes on the full-size board so that the audience could filter out and watch the drawing live, during breaks. We don’t often get to work this way, but it can be a great way to keep the audience engaged between sessions.

Scoring engagement with graphic notes

As the client hoped, our graphic notes were a hit. The wall became an attraction and a living touchstone for the inspirational takeaways from the day.

Speakers took selfies in front of their portraits, and audience members took lots of photos of the drawing in progress and at the end of the day. Plus, our notes provided added value as a social media share.

2019-08-30 10.55.14 3.jpg
Graphic recording Jr NBA on Twitter.png
Jr NBA graphic recording on Twitter.png

Like what you see?

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Leah Lavelle